Fitness Friday – Run Analysis

I recently got my Free Run analysis done at the Nike store here in Toronto. If you are training for a race or marathon its a good idea to know if you are running properly. I am on this road to the Nike 15k and its been exciting and scary. Right now running a 15k feels just crazy and out of my depth but i am sticking to a training program and hoping for the best lol!!

unnamedThe skinny on the analysis is they take 2 short videos of you running and analyse them after (image from my vid below). Then they recommend the best footwear for you to run in.

Here are my deets below:

Hi Cory,
Thanks for joining us at Nike Running Toronto for your Run Analysis. Here’s the information you need that will help you run at your best.
Foot Size (L): 6.5
Foot Size (R): 6.5
Foot Width: Normal
Foot Arch: Average
Pronation: Neutral [0-7]
Strike: Midfoot Strike
Ride Preference: Soft (Cushion)
Avg Wkly Mileage: 6
Rotation: External

IMG_8425I have been staying consistent with my runs and i can really feel a difference in my body. 4.8 still feels really hard for me but i am just not stopping!! Any running tips and tricks are most welcome 🙂

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