15k I’m Coming For Ya!!!!


First off I am not a runner and this whole experience has been a new and challenging one for me. I am so blessed to be looped in with the Nike family here in Toronto so when the 15k was announced I knew I had to apply myself. I am no where near where I need to be but I am getting there. I hope my experience can inspire someone. These are the things I have learned training for the Nike 15k so far.

1- I look and feel amazing – I have leaned down and feel great mentally and physically. #winning

2- Consistency is key – Some runs are awesome and some runs not so much. But just keep going and sooner or later you will get better. Plus keeping to a weekly scheduled amount is very necessary – I currently run 4 times a week and I have to make them top priority or they just don’t happen. Running with friends makes things easier and Nike Run Club events are great as well. They are free you just need to rsvp online – Nike.com/toronto

3- Proper gear is essential – Wearing the right gear while running is so important. Especially your shoes!! I recommend getting some sort of analysis done to help with your footwear choices. I know The Nike store and The Running room offer free options.

4- Fuel yo body right!! –  Food plays a key role in numerous ways while you train. I cramp easy so I can’t eat an hour and a half before I run. But it is essential for me to eat something substantial before I run or I end up crumbling out there. One of the biggest pluses for me has been that I have been overall hungrier than normal and oooooooh child this girl likes to eat so that has been a welcome addition. I love food and being fit, so running might just be the secret I have been looking for.

5- I’m Focused man! – So this one came as a welcome surprise but I love that running has given me something to focus on that i can 100 percent control. As an actor and musician I feel I am constantly at the whim of other people. I love that running is all my own and I hold the key to my success or failure.

6- Aches and Pains oh my! – i am sore all the time. I fear I will catch runners diarrhea (it’s very much a thing! Just google it!) and yes I have experienced chaffing!! But all the pros out weigh the cons so its all good!

7- Rest and stretch – this one is self explanatory – I need to stretch before and after and take at least one or two rest days or my body complains!! Just listen to your body!!

8- Its all in ur head – long distance running is all in your head! I have to constantly talk myself out of stopping. This is a hard one for me but i am working on it.

Ok so those are my thoughts and feelings so far. The 15k is June 14th here in Toronto and my goal is to run it all. Correction – I WILL RUN IT ALL!!

IMG_5511 IMG_5438

Any tips and tricks are welcome!! I also love the Nike running app because it logs all my runs (distance and speed).

PicMonkey Collage 15IMG_9318

3 thoughts on “15k I’m Coming For Ya!!!!

  1. You are doing amazing girl! You have definitely inspired me to workout, back when we talked about p90x and to keep working through my injury through walking using the Nike running app. Keep killing it girl!! ❤ xoxo

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