Nike “Find Your Fast” Campaign came right on time!

I have been feeling low since the 15k! I needed a new goal to sink my teeth into. Its crazy how running has become a staple in my fitness routine. Last year at this time I had never gone on a run longer then maybe 2k!

 Pictured above are the Nike Zoom Elite 8s and below are the Nike Flyknit Zooms.

My prayers were answered –  Nike recently launched a new campaign called “Find Your Fast” and I am so excited to be taking part in both the NRC and the NTC challenges. Plus I now have my sights set on a half marathon in Oct!


A 12-week NTC challenge, where you’ll be introduced to a progressive series of new workouts, designed by Nike Master Trainers around the globe, to help you gain strength, flexibility and ultimately FIND YOUR FAST.

At the NRC launch of “Find Your Fast” we did a one mile race and I came in at 9:43 which is not very good but I am very optimistic that I can beat that time by at least a minute maybe two!!

Whether this is your first mile, or you are looking to shave seconds or minutes off your PR, anyone can get faster. With that in mind, Nike is inviting all athletes to gain speed with the Nike+ Run Club Find Your Fast Challenge. On August 30th, Nike is challenging everyone to run their fastest mile, alongside the fastest elites from around the world, who will be competing at the World Track and Field Championships in Beijing.

The “Find Your Fast” campaign focuses on the Zoom footwear technology. Read about it below:

Speed is a common denominator and critical to every athlete, no matter your sport, and when greatness is measured in fractions of seconds, everything an athlete does has to maximize his or her performance and speed. This is why Nike’s continued to innovate to optimize and advance athlete performance with Zoom Air, the fastest, most responsive Nike Air cushioning, which can change how fast an athlete feels in an instant. Now, each time an athlete’s foot touches down, tensile fibers compress to cushion the impact before quickly springing back to their original state, generating an explosive, powerful response off the ground.

Both campaigns launch this week! Anyone can join in the fun! Download the Nike run app and/or the Nike training app – NTC app HERE NRC app HERE 

Cant wait to share with you everything I learn. Stay tuned for all the updates!!


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