FTB Beauty – Store Profile!

I have talked about this store many many times on here but I wanted to show some more love because it really is my main place to go for affordable and hard to find makeup! I do want to mention the site only ships within Canada!

So FTB Beauty is a Canadian website – peep it HERE!! They carry brands like Elf, Milani, NYX, LA Girl, Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics and many more! They also have a retail space pictured above! It is located at 797 King street west in Toronto.

To help introduce you to the store I thought I would outline a few of my favs.

Nyx HD Studio Foundation – I love this foundation it is light weight but offers medium to full coverage! Looks very natural on and wears well though out the day.

LA Girl Pro Conceal – It’s just fabulous!! Creamy, blendable and pigmented! Perfect to contour with as well.

Sigma F80! The holy grail of foundation kabukis!!!! Super dense and oh so soft.

Anything Real Techniques! I love these brushes. Great quality for a good price.

Coastal Scents Revealed Palettes – I have number 2 and use it all the time. They are Urban Decay Naked dupes for a fraction of the price.

Milani Milani Milani!!! The best blushes ever! All of them are beautiful but Luminoso pictured below is my go too!

I just love talking to fellow makeup addicts like myself and I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner Anna of FTB Beauty and ask her a few questions  – see her answers below. She also gave me a coupon code for all my readers –10offthefashionset for 10% off until oct 31st!!
1- What made you start FTB beauty?

It started in 2009 when the online beauty community was still ramping up..I was watching beauty videos and always saw them talk about products that we can’t get here in Canada. There was one brand in particular (Sigma) who was sending their products to all the vloggers, so I just couldn’t believe that no Canadian company had started carrying them yet. I waited patiently, and still they were nowhere to be found in Canada, so I reached out to Sigma myself and the rest, as they say, is history!

2- Tell us about your self?
Where to start? lol. Well, I’ve always been an outside-the-box person. I never did very well in school because I didn’t find the environment very stimulating. In 2007 I started a company with my partner producing music videos. It was just a way for him to officially offer his directing services without needing to rely on anyone else. On the side he was doing editing and post production which ended up growing in to it’s own full-blown company. It was just something that we enjoyed doing together, and I found it exciting to start something completely from scratch. I guess it was so exciting, that I wanted to keep doing that kind of thing, which is why I didn’t really even think twice when I started FTB. I didn’t actually have any end goal in mind at the time, I just wanted to try something new..I love learning and figuring things out on my own, which I’ve definitely had to do lots of! After all this time though, I am still scared shitless when it comes to my companies; I’m just the kind of person that thinks that isn’t necessarily a bad thing..what’s important to me is to be brave in the face of that fear and find a way through it…coming out on the other end is totally exhilarating!

3- Why do you love makeup?
So many reasons! It allows you to express yourself, and to transform yourself. It’s fun to play with, it’s fun to look at, it’s just plain fun! It’s a form of art to me, just like paintings and sculptures. It’s just beautiful, really.

4- What are your 5 makeup essentials?
1. Foundation – I’m a medium to full coverage girl. I have a decent complexion, but I have so many spots and uneven skin, I just think having a smooth canvas is essential. I love NYX invincible full coverage foundation applied with a beautyblender. It’s a very strange formula, but the beautyblender applies it flawlessly.
2. Concealer – I also have a horrible under-eye area (thanks mom! ;p), so it is essential for me to correct and brighten up that area. We all know the LA Girl concealers are amazing for this! I use the orange and yellow correctors mixed together to get the perfect peach corrector for my skin tone. I also like the NYX concealer wands for brightening up afterwards.
3. A brow pencil – brows really do effect the look of your whole face. I am not good at shaping my brows myself, so I make sure to get them threaded as often as needed, and I use the BH Cosmetics auto eyebrow pencil to fill them in. It’s a nice waxy formula so it keeps the hairs in place, and the angled shape is good for getting a nice defined brow. I have sparse inner brows too, and I use the nyx eyebrow pencil, which has pointed tip to add a few hair-like flicks in that area to make it look natural.
4. Mascara! – If there’s no time to do anything else with my eyes – I always make sure to put on mascara. similar to how brows from the face, the lashes frame the eye, and without mascara, lashes can get lost, even on those with dark hairs, like me. I’m not too picky about mascara, I just want a bold, yet natural look – no spider lashes here. It’s also important it’s non-smudging because I already have difficulties with my under eyes. I like the NYX doll eye mascara right now.
5. Settings spray and/or hydrating mist – Living in Toronto, summers can get HOT and MUGGY! I use model in a bottle to set my makeup so it lasts all day. I do have VERY dry skin though, so I keep a bottle of the elf mist & set on hand for pick-me-ups throughout the day. It’s nice and calming and moisturizing with aloe, green tea, cucumber, and lots of vitamins.

5- What are your favourite makeup trends for fall?
the dark lip! Always the bold lip!!! I don’t care if it’s berry, or plum, red, or vampy, I love it all! It’s a classic fall go-to for a reason!

I just love all her tips and tricks! Make sure you peep the site or if you live in Toronto go by the store!

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