Love For Lashes


Right before I came back to Toronto from Vancouver in January I reconnected with an old friend/makeup artist Micah Gilbert AKA Faces by Micah!! We decided that we needed to put together a shoot and showcase his favourite false lashes – Love For Lashes!!! I of coarse was 100 percent down!!

I am a falsie fan. Nothing says glam more then a pair of high quality false lashes but they are a hard one to master. So as he was making me gorgeous I asked him a few questions!!!



When should we wear false lashes?
There really isn’t a good or bad time time to wear them, however the more glamorous the makeup the larger the lash! If your lashes are a little hard to keep and are prone to falling out, save them for special events.
What eyelash glue is your favourite?
Good old DUO. I find it to be the most stable for the largest amount of people.
Give us a few false eyelash DON’TS!
Don’t sleep in your lashes! Don’t add mascara to them unless you plan for them not to last. Don’t pull them off from the middle of the lash, instead pull from the corners. Don’t add shimmer or any eye shadow for that matter on your eyelid after your lashes are in place. If using liner always line the eyes before and again after!
What are your top three Love For Lashes styles??
Monroe, Athena and Platinum!
What are your tips to applying falsies??
First things first – Find your favourite compact or if you like to torture yourself, use the dreaded circular magnify mirror that rotates on a stand. Place it on a 45 degrees angle keeping your face up but looking down at the mirror. Keep your eyes open just enough to see. Now take the strip lash and lightly coat the bottom side of the strip leaving a touch extra on the corners. Let them dry for 15 to 30 seconds before applying. Now apply the first lash using the mirror set up. Now you can see the base of your lash line. This is where you want to set the strip. Starting in the middle of the eye, press you lashes into the false lash. Some people prefer tweezers. Lastly once you feel the glue is almost dry, take the top of your index fingers and blink pressing against it. This will give your eyes a lifted wide eyes look. Focus on the outside corner for a cat eye effect!
IMG_2502 lashesFullSizeRender lash
I loved the lashes, the makeup and the photog!! I am so happy how it all came together!



Ps – These pictures were taken by the master of sexy pictures Jase Graphics – His website HERE

Faces by Micah HERE

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