Stretch And Roll


As a new runner I am constantly learning new things about myself and my body. I learnt the hard way last year that if you are training hard you need to recover even harder. I was actually put on a month of rest last December to heal a strained muscle. The road back has been a slow and steady one.

Pictured above GAIAM Everything Fits Yoga Bag and Kiku Reversible Yoga Mat.



There is no secret that proper stretching and rolling out your muscles help significantly in muscle recovery and injury prevention. When I signed up for my first race this year I went on a quest to find the best rollers I could. My journey led me to a Canadian company called GAIAM!! They are dedicated to making yoga, fitness and wellness accessible to all. I am now a loyal roller and stretch addict. My best tip would be to do them while you are watching TV.


Pictured above are three different GAIAM Rollers – Restore Deep Tissue Roller, Restore 12″ Textured Foam Roller and the Restore Hot and Cold Foot Roller.


So far my training has been going great and with my constant stretching and rolling out of my muscles I have been feeling great!! I am looking to make some new PBs this year!!


Gaiam Website – HERE

Wearing All Nike – HERE

Great foam rolling guide – HERE

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