Vintage Summer



We have had some seriously awesome weather here in Toronto!!! The summer is winding down and I don’t want it to end. I am not looking forward to -40 weather.


I am obsessed with vintage clothes! I love the thrill of finding an amazing piece. One of my go to vintage pieces I always look for is sportswear. I especially like sportswear from the 90s. People ask me all the time “where did you get that?”, so I wanted to do a series of my favourite vintage pieces and where I got them. This windbreaker is so fun!! I found this gem at F AS IN FRANK in Toronto. They also have a Vancouver location and a great website – HERE!!

F AS IN FRANK is most definitely one of my favourite vintage stores. Every piece is awesome! It’s highly curated but you will pay for it. They focus mostly on sportswear, vintage tshirts and awesome snap backs.


I love pairing vintage with modern pieces! So I paired my windbreaker with current Nike Sportswear.

Shoes – HERE Shorts- HERE Tank – HERE


Pics by Patrick Leung – HERE

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