My Self Tape Set Up From Amazon

As we adjust to the new normal we all retreat online and that includes well… everything. I am constantly shopping, working, searching for entertainment and trying to get all important information online. As we shift to being online so much more so has auditioning. We had already seen this shift happening over the last couple of years but in these Covid times it has amplified and having a worthy set up is an actor best chance for booking.

Here are my self tape must haves: 


71Jc4xT4INL._SL1500_900xneewerI have 2 right lights and they both are by a brand called Neewer. I highly recommend getting a 14-18 inch ring light. I bought a ring light kit that came with all the essentials. Make sure your kit has a tripod, smart phone adapter, carry case and that your ring light is dimmable.

Good Ring Light kits HERE and HERE



If you aren’t blessed with a magical plain wall you will need a backdrop with support stands. Whats nice is once you have the support stands you can buy numerous backdrops if needed. I suggest going with a white, grey or light blue one first.

Stands HERE and HERE

Backdrop HERE


If you want to go the extra mile in terms of quality I do suggest using a DSLR camera with a tripod. I was using my Iphone (and it is totally fine) for quite some time but then last year I switched over to my DSLR and it does look crisper.



I have this tripod HERE

Good DSLR suggestions that aren’t crazy expensive HERE and HERE

If you have any questions I am here for you!!!! Let me know and happy shooting xo


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