Favourite cheap and chic lipstick!

I recently discovered Wet n wild matte lipsticks and i have to say they are by far my favourite lipstick for under 5 dollars. So far i have five colours but i definitely plan on getting more!!

IMG_7342 The colours shown are cherry bomb, purty persimmon, pinkerbell, suger plum fairy and 24 carrot gold. They are very pigmented and do last. My only critiques would be the packaging but i can’t complain since it is a cheap lipstick. My current favs are cherry bomb which is a dark red/burgundy and 24 carrot gold which is a really pretty soft orange.

I got mine at this Canadian store called FTB its awesome and sells lots of good stuff


In the below picture i am wearing top left to right pinkerbell, purty persimmon and then sugar plum fairy. Bottom left is cherry bomb and bottom right is 24 carrot gold.

IMG_7343What are your favourite cheap and chic lippies!???

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