My favourite fitness app and its free!!!

I love being in shape but don’t always have the motivation! Well my friends i have discovered the best fitness app and it is free. It has lots of workouts to download on it and you can even customize a 4 week plan. It is the NTC app by nike.

PicMonkey Collage ntcOn top of the NTC app i also have the nike running app which i like too. I am so obsessed with the NTC app that i now take NTC classes at a local gym here in toronto called Academy of Lions. Plus nike puts on free NTC and run club classes here in toronto, i have taken some and can report they are hard but super fun and again freeeeeeee!!!! All you have to do is rsvp and you can do that here.

PicMonkey Collage ntcreal

Plus i am super duper obsessed with nike clothes and runners! NTC classes are available in most major cities and here are some FAQS.

I took this from the Nike site below:

What is Nike Training Club (NTC)?

NTC is a training app with over 100 full-body workouts developed by a Nike professional trainer. Built from dozens of multi-dimensional drills, these workouts are inspired by world-class athletes and based on years of Nike research, helping you get lean, toned and strong with audio guidance from a trainer.

Workouts can be completed in 15, 30 or 45 minutes, and each will tell you the approximate calories you’ll burn and the NikeFuel you’ll earn. But it doesn’t stop there: exclusive rewards like workouts from professional athletes and training advice are unlocked within the app once you reach key milestone.

OK friends go forth and conquer!!! Let me know if you download it and your thoughts.

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