Comfy Camo!

It is very hard for me to find stylish cozy pieces that i love!! So when i saw this fuzzy Camo piece on i just had to have it!! I would have linked to it but in the time i ordered it and got it it sold out. I love it so much and It is so warm and cozy!! I paired it with a pair of plain black leggings and my fav gold hoops. You likey???

PicMonkey Collage camo camo camo camo

6 thoughts on “Comfy Camo!

  1. looks good on you but I personally wouldn’t wear it. Not my style and wouldn’t look good on me. but looks super cute on you! Jelly 😦 Beautiful girls like you can wear a potato sack and still look gorgeous. NOT saying the top looks like a potato sack. it’s nice. just wont look nice on me particularly..if you get what I mean ❤

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