Fitness Friday – 5k run race

Hey everyone!! I took part of my first ever 5k race last weekend and it was extremely hard and exciting. As i have said i have signed up for the nike 15k here in toronto in june and i am training. I have dedicated this month to mastering the 5k and thought taking part of the race would be a good jolt into training.

IMG_8101 IMG_8102 IMG_8093 IMG_8094 IMG_8096Not gunna lie i thought i was gunna die in my last k but i kept pushing. Right now running a 15k seems crazy and out of my league but i am going to keep training. It is a little intimidating when you see all the more seasoned runners sprint by you but i just cant let that phase me!! My 5k time was 36 minutes which to an experienced runner isnt very good but for me its awesome. I shaved 4 minutes off my last 5k time.

IMG_8111 IMG_8110 IMG_8107I am really loving these group runs because it makes it a social affair and i feel accountable to my friends that also participate.

Nike does numerous free runs and ntc classes – rsvp for toronto ones HERE


I most defiantly felt amazing after!!! I am really committed to running right now – I have always been into working out but i feel running is so new to my body and in that it has been very challenging. We were also gifted these cool Nike Running Club Toronto tshirts! See below for all 15k info!!

Nike Women Toronto Race Weekend

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