Ntc – Not just a workout it’s a movement!! Join the party Nike Toronto Weekend June 11-14th

I have been taking part in these Nike women NTC live workouts since November at Academy of lions and they are my fitness anchor. I love them! I love the ladies I workout with! I love the Nike trainers! Plus they are hard!!  Recently Nike launched a new series of Ntc workouts all starting around 630am all around the city for 6 weeks!! I have tried to go to every location and all the pictures are from different NTC venues. This is all leading up to the Nike Toronto Weekend June 11-14. During the weekend there will be over 40 free workouts, a special Nike shop, a 30 000 sq/ft floating coliseum that will encompass the harbour front and much much more. Plus lets not forget the 15k on sunday!! Click HERE for all weekend info.


Anyone can join and they are free! I have been getting a lot of messages from friends asking how they can be apart of this awesome workout movement! All you have to do is RSVP online at Nike.com/toronto HERE !!! The Nike weekend workouts go live tomorrow 12:01 am so be ready because they fill up fast!


Let me tell you it is the best way to start the day or end the day for that matter!!! Movement means “a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas”. NTC is just that!!! A group of women working together to better themselves.

There are lots of different NTC workouts around Toronto for the last week of the done before dawn series and there are a few not at 630am for you night owls. Now all these workouts are inspired by the NTC app and so you should download that and try a few at home. Download it free HERE.

In this pic above I am with one of the NTC teachers Megan Moniz and my girlfriend Kyla who also has a cool blog. Peep it HERE!


The personal touches and positive messages take it over the top and I truly love the energy at these live classes. The type of amazing take charge women that go are just awesome to be around. Come and join me!!

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