Custom Necklace From Studio1098

I had the most wonderful day hanging out with Tamara the Jeweller behind Studio1098 – website HERE! I received my first wedding present a hand stamped custom name plate necklace! I got to witness her in her comfort zone and check out all the other goodies at the studio!

First step is figuring out the necklace length and Swarovski crystal colours!

I went with my fiancée and I’s birthstone colours. Then she started hand stamping out our names!

Then she added holes and polished those puppies!


Last but not least she added the crystals and name plates to the silver chain!

I just love it so much! I’ve wanted something with our names for awhile and this is just perfect! Plus how cute is she!!!?? She clearly loves what she does. As she was making my necklace she said “It is very rewarding being involved in peoples happy occasions”.

Plus I lusted after her cool custom ring that she made! It has 13 notches to represent 13 years of marriage and every year she adds another notch.

They also do lots of other custom jewelry plus custom engagement rings that were beautiful! They hand make everything and the price points were very reasonable! My necklace was 98 dollars to give you an idea! It would make a great engagement, anniversary or wedding gift! If you are in the Yonge and Rosedale area you should definately pop by or check them out online!!!


Direct link to my necklace – HERE

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