Le Chateau Dress Party!

Last weekend I took my Toronto bridesmaids into Le Chateau in search of the perfect wedding dresses!! Le Chateau recently launched a new wedding boutique online and in store with great affordable options. HERE 

I want to thank everyone at Le Chateau Eaton Center for being so helpful – As you can tell we had too much fun!!

_DSC0007 _DSC0025

I really wanted to see my ladies try on a whole range of styles to see what I was liking best!

_DSC0028 _DSC0051 _DSC0041 _DSC0071 _DSC0067 _DSC0065

_DSC0091 _DSC0096

With so many good affordable options we found the perfect bridesmaids dress!! One of the ones below is the chosen gown!!


_DSC0122 _DSC0162 _DSC0124


Then it was my turn to join the party!!! I saw this sexy sparkle number and just had to try!!! Bachelorette perhaps??

_DSC0225 _DSC0238 _DSC0253 _DSC0260

I then tried on two amazing wedding dresses!! choices choices choices! I love it!

_DSC0414 _DSC0440


I love these girls so much! This below wedding dress is definitely a strong contender now and I need that belt for sure!


_DSC0327 _DSC0354 _DSC0371 _DSC0370


and that’s a wrap!! xoxo

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