Watch And Sweat Margot Vs Lily Premiere 

Better for it


Nike has launched the next chapter of Better For It with the global premiere of Margot vs Lily – A Better For It Production, which is an 8-part YouTube series executive produced by Emmy-nominated and Sundance winner Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and directed by Tricia Brock. The series is part of a larger call to action for women everywhere to step outside of her comfort zone and ignite her own Better For It journey.



I had the pleasure of screening the first two episodes of Margot Vs Lily and have a good ol Nike NTC butt kicking last week!!! I really liked the series. It had a light comedy feel kinda like New Girl or Friends! My fave kinda show!!!!



A brief synopsis:

Meet Margot and Lily, sisters with a love-hate relationship. OK, so hate’s
a pretty strong word, but let’s just say they don’t always agree on
things. Ever.

So it’s no surprise that they have very different goals for the year ahead.

It’s good times vs good training. But who will be better for it?

Whether you’re a Lily or a Margot, watch the film, set a goal, and then
share it with the other side.

We also got to trial the new Nike Lunar Sculpt and I am in love!! Light weight and oh so comfy! Plus they look cool. I haven’t taken mine off lol HERE



A new episode will go live every monday but I got you a lil early access!!!

Lily and Margot return home for the holidays.
Tensions boil over, leading to a New Year’s bet.

The first episode HERE!!!!!

A guide to Margot Vs Lily – HERE

Plus you will be able to get new NTC workouts and shop the episode looks all at NIKE.COM/BETTERFORIT 

Pics by me and Marlee Maclean

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