Le Spring Has Sprung!



Did you know that Le Chateau has luxury leather goods???

Meet my favourite new shoes and purse. This Le Chateau Bowling Bag is a cool collaboration between Montreal Designer Joanel.ca and Le Chateau! It comes with a strap as well for over the shoulder use! Purse HERE!

Now the shoes!!! The Brazilian-made shootie of my dreams! I find them oh so on trend, oh so Kardashian and they seem to go with everything! HERE

libby roach


I paired my leather goods with the ever popular and really flattering Wonder Pant HERE and Knit Grey Tank top HERE


I layered everything with 2 very on trend jackets. Denim is everywhere this year and this cropped jacket is actually made of sweat-pant material. So I’m never taking it off!!!! HERE

This military style jacket has also been in heavy rotation since I got it!! I love the laid back sporty vibe of it! HERE


Plus don’t sleep on my Le Chateau Jewellery!! Their Accessories are always on point and affordable HERE

Pictures by Auburn Lane Photography HERE

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