Be Pain Free With Genuine Health


We all deserve a life that is pain free, with increased physical activity comes increased pain. It’s unfortunate that when I start ramping up my workouts my past injuries come back to haunt me, so I have added a new all natural pain supplement to my daily life.

Did you know that one in 10 Canadians suffers from pain???? This leads to the inability to perform your best and keep up with day to day activities. Genuine Health has introduced an all natural solution to pain – FAST pain relief+, FAST arthritis pain relief+ and FAST joint care+ with Biovaflex® natural eggshell membrane – the most potent form of research-proven eggshell membrane that relieves pain, decreases inflammation and helps to nourish and repair damaged joint tissue – with results in only 5 days!


Taking care of your mind, body and soul is so essential. Lately I have been drinking more water, meditating every morning and taking better care of myself.


Genuine Health, the pioneers of the Natural Pain Relief category, believes in starting with ingredients that are from whole foods to nourish the body the way nature intended. The key ingredient in all three formulas is Biovaflex® natural eggshell membrane – derived from egg shells with key bioactives that reduce inflammatory markers, like C-reactive protein, which reduces pain and inflammation while feeding the body all essential nutrients for proper joint health and flexibility, including targeted, nourishing proteins, collagen, and elastin. When compared to traditional approaches to osteoarthritis, those taking Biovaflex® natural eggshell membrane are 5X more likely to experience a 50% reduction in pain vs. glucosamine, and 3X more likely to experience a 50% reduction in pain vs. a leading prescription drug for joint pain. Fast and effective – there is no other ingredient like this on the market.


“BiovaFlex® is the most potent form of research-proven natural eggshell membrane and has been a game changer in my practice for sufferers of joint pain! Its ability to show results in only 5 days and the simple, once-a-day dosing make it a very cost-effective alternative to conventional pain relief options.  My patients love that it gives them control over their pain, decreases inflammation and helps to repair damaged tissue.”– Said Dr. Jason Marr, Naturopathic Doctor.




Genuine Health makes natural supplements that people are passionate about because they work. Founder and CEO Stewart Brown’s love for natural health started early in life when he suffered with health issues and found solutions through holistic modalities and supplements. After opening his own chain of natural supplement stores and witnessing first-hand how some products work and some didn’t for his customers, Stewart met Sam Graci, the formulator of the now infamous greens+ and experienced firsthand the effects of taking a product that makes a difference to your health. Today, Genuine Health has over 170 products sold in both Canada and the US, and is focused on empowering people to live life with passion by embracing natural health through products that improve their lives – every day!


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