My Jeffrey Sawyer Life

The Renaissance Chronograph

Canada’s first luxury watch has arrived. Canadian designed and expertly Swiss made, this watch delivers sophistication with an edge. The black and rose gold combo, memorable bold face and adjustable yet seamless band has won a place in my heart. A true timeless timepiece.


Let’s Talk About The Sweet Deets!


Butterfly clasp invented by French Jeweller, Louis-François Cartier in 1910. The signature deployment design ensures a perfect fit and gives the illusion of a seamless band.


13 Jewel, Gold Plated Swiss Quartz  Movement, for impeccable precision. Distinguished by excellent resistance to shock and magnetic fields.


“Scratch me if you can.” All of their watches are fitted with sapphire crystal, the most resistant crystal there is. Sapphire is a naturally growing crystal and the second hardest substance on the planet, so hard that only a diamond can scratch it.

Unique Serial Number

Every Jeffrey Sawyer timepiece is issued a unique traceable serial number, guaranteeing its authenticity.




Conceptualized and designed in Canada, made in Switzerland. Water resistant to 100 metres, their timepieces undergo rigorous testing in extreme conditions to ensure they meet the high standard of excellence that is Jeffrey Sawyer.


Jeffrey Sawyer stands by their commitment to quality, and as such, all Jeffrey Sawyer watches are covered by a lifetime warranty.



Who Wants A Personal Butler??

Raising customer service to an unparalleled level, every Jeffrey Sawyer watch comes with a personal butler service – Say Wha?????? The one-to-one butler service is the customer’s direct line to servicing, customer inquiries, exclusive offers, events, styling tips and much more. The butler service is a unique and personal touch for their clients. It’s a way for JS to develop a personal relationship with each of their customers. They want them to feel that they are friends and not simply another transaction. Talk about high end style with all the perks! P.S. my butlers name is Tim!!



Jeffrey Sawyer Bio:

Since our inception in 2015, our philosophy has been to forge your own path, and make your own rules.

Jeffrey Sawyer was founded in 2015 by Jeffrey Sawyer, an Investment Advisor who was dissatisfied with the 9-5 corporate grind and frustrated with conforming to the rules shaped by modern-day society. Having been a risk taker for as long as he could remember, Jeffrey did what many would consider unthinkable, he left his role in the financial sector and embarked on a journey to create the ultimate timepiece for the risk takers of his generation.

Armed with a passion for design, and a love of the complexity of a well-made timepiece, Jeffrey ventured to Hong Kong to learn the mechanical aspect of watchmaking. He soon realized that the quality of watches he wanted to make could not be made in Hong Kong, and he needed to go to the source. The source, of course, is Switzerland.

After much trial and error, and Jeffrey’s refusal of compromising on the quality of his timepieces, he has finally perfected the Jeffrey Sawyer Watch. A watch that combines high-end Swiss craftsmanship and contemporary savvy design. Jeffrey Sawyer Watches are designed for the contemporary urban men who forge their own path.

Get Your Jeffrey Sawyer Watch —– HERE

All Pictures by Brandon Elliot – HERE

Styling By Eleni for the Style Crew – HERE

Hair/MU Jessica Leigh – HERE


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