Finding My Own Shambhala


I recently discovered Mark’s active wear line called Shambhala. As a self proclaimed workout wear junkie I pride myself on knowing all things sweat related. When I sweat cute it motivates me and if I can wear the same outfit all day that’s a major bonus for me too. I have been super busy lately and versatile clothing is a must for me.



These Space Dyed Leggings are so super soft and oh so flattering. This grey sweatshirt is perfect for everyday wear and auditions because it doesn’t have any logos on it. It’s actually really hard to find great clothes without any big logos on them. Plus my favorite find from the line was this high support sports bra. It is so difficult to find a great full support sports bra for a reasonable price.



Mark’s is a trusted retailer with over 380 stores across Canada. They focus on everyday clothing at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. Mark’s purpose is to give Canadians the confidence to look and feel their best!!



I will be hosting an awesome Mark’s giftcard giveaway this week on my instagram so stay tuned!


All Clothing By Mark’s – Website HERE

Sweatshirt HERE Leggings HERE Sportsbra HERE

All pictures by Patrick Leung HERE

*Marks partner but all views are my own

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