Apothic Red Spritzer!


I recently discovered red wine spritzers and OMG I am hooked! So easy and so delicious!! I can’t get enough of them. Who said red wine wasn’t a summer drink!?!?



The recipe is so simple. Grab your favorite bottle of red, in my case that’s Apothic Red and add club soda!!! Serve over ice and VOILA the perfect summer drink. I like to garnish with my fav fruit and I also like to experiment with different flavored sodas as well. You pretty much can’t go wrong!!! Go forth and conquer. Let me know if you find any amazing recipes too.



APOTHIC RED – A Californian Blend

Ruby colour; aromas include plum, blackberry, spice notes, raspberry and vanilla; medium body; layers of ripe fruit and vanilla flavours with a long finish.

Apothic Wine Website HERE

Apothic Wine is available at your local LCBO in Ontario

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