First Look At The New Microsoft Surface Laptop


I had the pleasure of testing out the brand new Microsoft Surface Laptop the past few weeks. I am by no means a tech expert but I do use a computer on a daily basis for many reasons and I need something that is fast and reliable. Read my first impressions below and find out why this laptop is way better then my current one lol.


Ease Of Use

I opened it up and it was super easy to understand and use. I loved that it was super fast even when I was editing music and video content. For you specs people it can have an Intel core i5 or i7 version with various ssd and ram options running on Windows.

Long Lasting 

This was a stand out area for me!!! It lasted about 14 hours. No longer do you need to travel with a pesky charger.



Super Sexy And Modern

As you can see in the above photos it is super sleek and sexy. It is so light and thin with a high rez screen that is far superior then my current computer. I love the material covering the keyboard and track pad as well.


My Verdict = Multitasking Beast

I put it to the test and opened numerous tabs all working on different things and it responded beautifully. If I were to make a device with all my needs this would be it. It has amazing performance to juggle my many needs, it’s sleek and beautifully designed and super light and portable. Microsoft continues its winning line of products with this awesome laptop!!!!!


Learn more on the Microsoft Website HERE

Pics by Piet Suess HERE

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