We Are The Champions


I am obsessed with street wear!!! All street wear and athletic brands really!  90s street wear is currently at an all time high with brands like Champion, Vans, Thrasher and so many more making a comeback and all the major players (Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Fila etc) making major re-releases. So off I went on a hunt for some Champion clothes because I love that shit and come on who didn’t own a pair of white Champion tear aways in the 90s!!! I had a hard time actually and then I found a major retailer selling Champion hoodies for over 70 dollars!!!!! I was like HELL TO THE NO!! So off I went to look online. Again.


I was not surprised when my beloved AMAZON.CA was the cheapest price I could find. Now these pieces are probably last years stock but I am 100 percent happy to pay half the price for a little older style. The hoodie ran me about 35 and the short 15 – Peep my order links below plus some other Champion must haves!! PS – Make sure you look around at different colors because they range in price.

I am rocking:

Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie

Champion Women’s Mesh Short

Other Champion styles on my wishlist:

Champion Men’s Powerblend Pullover

Champion Basic Tee Men

Champion Mens Classic Jersey Long Sleeve Graphic Tee

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