Team Faze And DCMF!

I have been training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon with the coolest bunch of ladies this year! With the support of Nike Toronto we got the best training we could ask for and we are primed and ready to tackle this adventure. Every week we would meet at the Nike loft for a challenging run led by our amazing NRC run coaches – Michelle and Inge! Nike has weekly free runs in Toronto – Sign up for one HERE



Team Faze this year has dedicated our run to a great charity – DCMF!!! I encourage every runner to run for a charity! The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund was established in 2007 to take action on melanoma. Melanoma is a common and serious skin cancer which, if not treated early, is usually fatal.  The good news is that the risk of melanoma can be significantly decreased by reducing exposure to UV radiation, and that the prognosis for melanoma patients can be improved by early detection.  The bad news is that despite increasing public awareness of the dangers of UV radiation, many people still do not understand the dangers of UV damage.  Further, not enough people are aware of the early signs of melanoma, or the importance of self detection.  As a result, melanoma is often ignored until it’s too late.  However, we believe that through David’s story, we can bring change. Learn more on DCMF – HERE


The Scotiabank Charity Challenge

The Scotiabank Charity Challenge unites the spirit of runners with a unique fundraising program to help create a stronger future for young people and build vibrant communities.

In 2016, participants raised $3.24 million for 182 community charities through the Scotiabank Charity Challenge at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Your hard work and commitment to fundraising made a significant impact in our communities.

Help one of our official charities reach their goals while you are achieving yours! As Scotiabank covers all the fees associated with online fundraising, 100%* of the funds you raise will go directly to your chosen charity. We all run for different reasons. We encourage you to run for what moves you! Sign up to run the Scotiabank 5k, half or full marathon HERE


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