My PANDORA Stack #DoSeeTheWonderful

I am obsessed with PANDORA stacking rings!!!!


Hello my name is Cory and I have a stacking ring addiction!!! My husband bought me the 2 silver rings a couple years ago and I just love them!! I have been wanting to add a couple more to my PANDORA collection and I fell in love with this  PANDORA Rose™ heart set as soon as I saw it! The design is super cool because the two rings fit together, so you can wear them as a set or apart!! Not a day goes by that I don’t wear one of my PANDORA rings.


High quality and an affordable price point makes theses rings a MUST HAVE!!! I already have my eye on more!! They just all look so good together!! The feminine designs win my heart every time.

DSC_0722editBeFunky Collagering


This season, PANDORA is inviting women to see the wonderful in themselves and their lives. Every day we experience approximately 20,000 individual moments lasting a few seconds each, yet we often move from one moment to the next without acknowledging our accomplishments. Through this campaign, PANDORA kicks off a global conversation about women’s everyday triumphs; from the life changing, such as starting a new job or having a child, right through to daily personal achievements, such as baking a cake or just enjoying your morning coffee with your furry friend!
They are celebrating women and asking us to share the little or big things in our lives with every day wonderful moments and sharing them with PANDORA via the hashtag #DOSeeTheWonderful and tagging @theofficialpandora.
“At PANDORA, we want women to celebrate all the wonderful things they and other women DO each day because these moments represent important fragments of their multifaceted lives. PANDORA jewellery can act as a symbol of these everyday achievements and the things we cherish,” explains Minna Philipson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at PANDORA.





PANDORA rings are crafted from lustrous precious metals – 14k yellow gold, sterling silver and PANDORA Rose™ . The hand-finished ring designs feature a variety of classic and modern stone settings and unique embellishments.



Bow ring HERE

Silver heart HERE

Heart puzzle set HERE HERE

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