Baby Blues! #RSdesktodrinks

I am back wearing one of my favorite Canadian designers Rachel Sin!!! I love her girly silhouettes mixed with cool architectural lines. She makes day to night power clothes, plus she is just the sweetest . I love supporting Canadian!! It is one of my passions and even doing this post gives me all the feels. If you love Canadian fashion like I do then you need to know about the Canadian designer pop up called INLAND! Peep their website HERE!!!!

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It’s a sin to wear a boring outfit to work! Rachel Sin designs for the creative professional, whose wardrobe is an extension of her confidence, originality and personal style. The modern woman doesn’t have time to go home to change from desk, to drinks, to dance.
Rachel Sin’s design expertise spans both the body and city landscapes.  With a masters degree in Architecture, a successful stint at a retail architecture firm, becoming creative director of fashion label was as natural as overseeing the construction of a building.  Sin’s careful attention to detail and precise tailoring comes from the natural tendency in architecture to make all things better with good design.

Working between Toronto, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Sin cultivates a well-edited collection of dresses all suitable for day-to-night. These distinctive dresses sculpted to the form of the female body with architectural lines that are strong, yet feminine and always at ease with effortless function. Rachel Sin solves the ‘what to wear’ crisis for any occasion, while mastering accessible style that fits the ever-evolving needs of the modern woman.

Cory Lee (20)


Deslauriers dress by Rachel Sin – HERE

Clutch bag by Laparelle – HERE

Paris Sunglasses by Amevie – HERE

Lexi Jacket by Bano eeMee – HERE

Cory Lee (2)

Shot by the street style master Chris Smart – HERE

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