All About The Alpha

My Alpha Industries Addiction is in full force. I think I have 4 or 5 now and I will 100 percent get more – Somebody stop me bahahahahahaha

1J0A5003 edit 2.jpg

My newest addition to my wardrobe is the Alpha Mens Slimfit N-3B Parka!! I love it!!!! I opted for the Navy color because I have too many black jackets but still wanted something dark and neutral. I got the Mens small as well because I wanted it oversized.


The Slimfit N-3B is a cold-weather parka designed for extreme weather. The streamlined silhouette offers a unique fit, while the thick lining, Nylon shell and longer length offers superior protection against freezing and windy conditions. The classic N-3B design was originally created to protect U.S. Air Crew and ground personnel during flight operations in severe cold and polar conditions. The slim fit is one of our best selling parkas, as it retains the protective qualities of the original Alpha N-3B but offers up a more contemporary fit that is perfect for the modern look.

1J0A4983 edit 21J0A4986_edit_2

I have been wearing it on repeat recently because it has been so cold in Toronto as of late!! I sadly just want more and more Alpha jackets now. My next one should be a fun color way I think. Any suggestions?????

1J0A4975 edit 21J0A4969_edit_2

The lowest price on this Alpha that I could find and where I bought mine – HERE

Alpha Website – HERE

Lots of love to my long time friend and photographer Solo for the shots – HERE

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