Recharged With Ford Fusion Energi

I had the pleasure of driving around the Ford Fusion Energi SE this weekend and this sleek sedan did not disappoint.


Loaded with all the latest bells and whistles including premium sound system, beautiful 8 inch LCD touch screen, parking assist, IP display and well power everything! I have never actually driven a hybrid before and well I am sold. It was a beautiful smooth ride and I couldn’t even tell it was on sometimes.


I loved the leather interior and spacious, comfortable seats. I also really enjoyed the gear-selector dial which operates the automatic transmission, rear view camera, sunroof and powerful engine. The inside feels luxurious and expensive and I loved being able to sync my phone and blast my own tunes.


The vehicle seamlessly switched between electric and gas. The lithium-ion battery pack feeds the electric motor and I am not sure how but the pack is recharged by the engine-driven generator and during braking!! That is pretty cool. Plus you can charge the car as well.


I took full advantage of my borrowed beauty and filled my weekend with lots of activities all set to recharge my own batteries. I drove to a few of my favorite restaurants, my favorite beach, my favorite mall and even Wonderland (pictured below). With all that driving I only had to put in 15 dollars of gas to refill her to full!!! With gas prices at an all time high I 100 percent need a hybrid with the amount of driving I do.


In conclusion, I loved it. All the latest tech, smooth handling and to top it off a hybrid!!! This car is a winner!!

Learn more about this FORD HERE

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