Chunky Loosh Luxe Slides

Who says you can’t wear slides in the Winter????



I just couldn’t say no to these edgy chunky slides. I love the high end look and they are soooooooo comfy. I can’t wait to rock them in warmer temperatures. If you haven’t discovered FitFlop yet I highly recommend checking them out.



FitFlop Loosh Luxe Quilted Slides – All Black HERE

FitFlop Loosh Luxe Quilted Slides – Gold and Silver HERE

FitFlop Loosh Luxe Slides Unquilted – HERE

Also lusting after these Luxe Over The Knee FitFlop boots (pictured below) – HERE

2019-01-28 (2)


Street Pics by Chris Smart HERE

Blog post in collaboration with Shopping Links and FitFlop #AD

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