Spring In Bloom #Dixiedeals

The weather in Toronto is actually warming up friends!!!! Like for real REAL!!! Once again, I have turned to my favorite outlet mall for a few more warmer weather wardrobe pieces!!! This month was filled with light spring layers, lots of denim and some Nike fire!!

Live In Levis

The last few years I have been obsessed with all things Levis!! The Levis outlet had a great promo running this month – when you buy 2 pairs each pair becomes 56.99 each!! So i couldn’t resist picking up 2 pairs (a light and a dark) of the high rise style 721! Light ones pictured below.



Flowers For My Flowers

I love floral prints and when I saw this Kimono at the Boathouse outlet, I know I needed her ( 50 percent off $48) . She is perfect paired with all summery outfits and over a bathing suit! These Urban Planet denim tie waist pants are also perfect for summer (40 off $29.99).



Forever A 90s Girl

Who doesn’t love a good band tee!!???? I scored these 2 tshirts from Urban Planet for 40 percent off ( Both rang in under $27 combined) The only question is are you team Nirvana or team MJ???


Orange You Glad

Every month I seem to stumble on Nike Clearance Store gold!!!! This month was like no other and I found a bunch of pieces that I am obsessed with. My favorite new piece being these neon orange “Just do it” collection AF1s (30 percent off $59.99). Long windbreaker (30 percent off $54.99) Cropped Tee (30 percent off $14.99) Winter joggers (30 percent off $24.99) #WINNING


Visit the Dixie Outlet Mall website HERE

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