Baby its cold outside!

It has been oh so cold in Toronto lately and i am just over it!!!!! I am so tired of wearing my huge winter parka!! So i wanted to share with you all one of my favourite winter layering tips. I Layer a moto jacket under my wool coats and it keeps me toasty and stylish! I ventured out on the weekend to a fun ladies lunch and this is what i wore.

PicMonkey Collage ootd ooMy wool trench is from Le Chateau and my moto from forever21. My boots are Gojane and scarf from Sirens.

PicMonkey Collage ootd lipI am also obsessed with different variations of the famous kylie lip. This attempt is Mac spice liner with Nyx soft matte lip creme in Istanbul. Any kylie lip suggestions??? Or winter layering advice???

11 thoughts on “Baby its cold outside!

  1. Aw you look so cozy! That scarf looks so comfy that you could sleep in it haha. Love the lip colour. With trousers, I hate the feeling of cold jeans so I end up layering about two or three pairs of black leggings over eachother. When I was out and about, I felt so comfy and a bit smug when everyone else was complaining about their cold jeans. Plus if it rains or snows, leggings will dry quicker πŸ™‚ that’s my winter layering tip for you!

    Samantha x


  2. I love it! *-* For the lips, if you want something “Kylie style”, since she has big lips try to apply a lighter lipstick just in the center and to apply a little bit of highlighter on the cupid’s bow. This way your lips will appear bigger! P.S. I love Kylie’s lips too and this lipstick is soooo amazing and you are beautiful :*


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