TIFF Celebrity styling suite – The scoop inside the Stylist Box!

Ever wonder where your favourite Canadian and American actresses get so many fabulous outfits during TIFF??? To buy that many beautiful dresses can get very expensive.   The Stylist Box was founded by fashion veterans Christian Dare and Gail McInnes and its sole purpose is to connect emerging and established fashion and accessory brands to high-profile personalities, top fashion and celebrity wardrobe stylists, and fashion editors. I am so blessed to be invited every year and it is always a god sent!!!!! I know I can find the perfect outfit for whatever TIFF event I am going to at the Stylist Box. This year they outdid them selves and held the annual event at the Trump!!!!
 The location was just the perfect setting for all the stunning dresses!!! We were also treated to some awesome snacks and the most delish wines from Pour Niagara 
 The dresses below are the ones I chose to try on!! With so many great options it was very hard to choose. After you choose your dress for the night they put you through the hair/makeup works!! The life of an actress isn’t usually glamorous but I left feeling like a Princess!
    The dress below is by a Canadian designer called Narces. I wore this outfit to the Toronto Life party! Make up was done by Emerald City Beauty Bar and hair by Salon Daniel!
  Plus you walk out with a good gift bag!! SCORE!!!

To check out Stylist Box all year round peep their website HERE!!!

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