Outdoor Playground : Cool Runnings



Its hard to find the motivation to train outside in the winter. I have skipped out on many outdoor workouts due to falling temperatures. The most common excuse is usually that people don’t feel like they have the right outdoor gear. Well well well this is where I can help! Here are a few of my go to outdoor sweat sesh essentials!

Cory-Lee_fitness_Dec6-2015_fullresJPEG_03 Cory-Lee_fitness_Dec6-2015_fullresJPEG_05 Cory-Lee_fitness_Dec6-2015_fullresJPEG_04

Cory-Lee_fitness_Dec6-2015_fullresJPEG_08 Cory-Lee_fitness_Dec6-2015_fullresJPEG_07 Cory-Lee_fitness_Dec6-2015_fullresJPEG_06

I have broken this series into 3 main parts – cool, cold and freezing. This post is dedicated to cool weather gear. This for me is usually outdoor temps of 5-12 degrees Celsius. With temperatures dropping but not too cold yet I like to start adding layers, vests and/or light jackets! Helpful tip – when you run you feel about ten degrees hotter then the outside temperature! I personally would rather have too many layers and have to take something off. It really can damper things being cold during a run!

Nike Gear pictured above: Dri-FIT Epic Run Tight, Nike Air Zoom Elite Running Shoe and the Impossibly Light Running Jacket.

Cory-Lee_fitness_Dec6-2015_fullresJPEG_10 Cory-Lee_fitness_Dec6-2015_fullresJPEG_13 Cory-Lee_fitness_Dec6-2015_fullresJPEG_09 Cory-Lee_fitness_Dec6-2015_fullresJPEG_12 Cory-Lee_fitness_Dec6-2015_fullresJPEG_11

Will you be training outside this winter?? I will be and I encourage you all to get outside and make your city your playground!! You wont regret it!!

Nike Gear: Aeroloft Flash Running Vest, Epic Run Crop, Free Cross Compete Training Shoe and a Dri-FIT Knit Long Sleeve


Pics by Patrick Leung – his website HERE

3 thoughts on “Outdoor Playground : Cool Runnings

  1. Awesome post. I my self is a fitness addict too. Since we are in a tropical country, outdoors are hot more often. But it’s always nice to be in comfortable attire which makes you feel good. 🙂 Cheers!!

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