Rolling In The Deep 

I recently did the most amazing juice cleanse from Belmonte Raw in Toronto!

The one I chose is called “The deep” there are numerous ones to choose from including a few that include an actual meal. I opted to do “The deep” for 3 days!

Click here to see the various cleanses HERE


First off they can be delivered to your door which is so awesome for busy people like myself. The first day was definitely the hardest but with 7 juices through out the day I never felt super hungry. I also thought they all tasted amazing. I really enjoyed that the first juice of the day had some oatmeal in it to fuel you for longer. I honestly could have done it for a few more days but at the end of the three days I felt great and my skin looked really awesome too!!! I will most definitely do another Belmonte Raw cleanse in the spring!!

Nothing but love here.

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