Outdoor Playground : Cold Spell Part 1

Train Outside As A Love Letter To Your City


We discussed cool weather gear last time. The temperatures are dropping even more, so now it’s time to talk about the cold. It is all about intelligent layering when it comes to cold weather training.


Cold weather apparel is key for 0-7 degrees Celsius! I love to layer vests – This Nike Therma-Sphere Max Training Vest pictured above HERE is perfect for layering and oh so comfortable!! I paired it with matching Nike Hyperwarm Limitless Training Hoodie and Tights HERE and HERE



Layer up with lightweight pieces that lock in warmth without weighing you down. I am absolutely in love with Hyperwarm anything!! It is my absolute must have in terms of outdoor cold weather training. In Part 2 that I will release tomorrow I will explain the technology behind why it’s so amazing.

Stay tuned my friends! I’ll be outside!

Hyperwarm Limitless tights, Hyperwarm Long Sleeve, NRC Dri-fit Toronto tee and Zoom Fit Agility 2 Training Shoes

Pictures by Patrick Leung HERE


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