My Bench Sale Picks!


There is a MAJOR SALE happening at Bench right now!! I spent 100 dollars and walked out with 4 amazing pieces. Pretty much everything is half off right now. It is a must see for sure.


One of the main trends this year in terms of outerwear are bombers! Bombers are everywhere. I love them because they are so versatile. Check this one out HERE


I love this double layer skirt because it is super light. It has been very hot in Toronto recently and I welcome any piece that is stylish yet appropriate to wear to 33 degree weather. HERE


I love this tee!!! I think its my favourite piece I got and ironically the cheapest at about 12 dollars. I love the mesh inserts and oversized vibe HERE!


Sunnies are also Bench! Plus I bought these dope black high waisted Bench jeans but it was hot AF so I didn’t shoot them HERE

Shoes are from Mila’s On Front – HERE


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