Training is an essential part of running any race. As you know I’m running the #STWM on October 16. Without the support of my run crew Team Faze and Nike Toronto I honestly don’t think I would be ready. My top tips would be – find a supportive community or running buddy, stick to a running program and buy some good gear! Since Melanoma cancer is so common please don’t forget to #runsunsafe yet another reason why the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund is near and dear to my heart!

Wearing all Nike – Website HERE

Wearing limited edition Ciele FSTcap – HERE

cory-lee_sept30-2016_10Training post.JPGcory-lee_sept30-2016_11cory-lee_sept30-2016_06cory-lee_sept30-2016_04

Please donate to my personal fundraising page for the DCMF – HERE

Join me for a Nike Toronto run – HERE

All pictures by Patrick Leung – HERE

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