Roses Are Red


It’s still Valentine’s day when you have the coolest double rose tee by Skinny Sweats! I discovered this brand when a stylist pulled a pair of their sweats for a photo shoot I did a few years back. I was immediately hooked with the athleisure cool vibe and I was so in love that I actually ordered the sweats I wore in the photoshoot!



Skinny Sweats is a line of lighthearted loungewear and creative playwear, designed to be styled with a contemporary wardrobe. Sometimes we make basics, sometime we create work solely to experiment in design and craft. Our brand mission is simple: Joy! (ours and yours) We work to get there with comfort, style, humour and fun.


I live for supporting Canadian fashion brands! Skinny Sweats is designed and managed by Adrienne Butikofer. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba she’s been passionately designing and selling her work in Toronto for over a decade. She started producing fashion forward casual clothing after the birth of her two daughters and hasn’t looked back.

She believes in slow fashion which means putting extra time and effort into a garment and making it with details that can’t be rushed. It’s also about being slow to change and evolve, choosing quality over quantity. Plus most styles in the Skinny Sweats line are made in Toronto from fabric to finishing, a true Canadian line to love and support.

Rockin all Skinny Sweats – HERE Double Rose Tee – HERE

Toque by Tilley Hats – HERE

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