Why I Stole His Levi’s Jacket!


I have a confession – I am constantly wearing and stealing my husbands clothes! Sometimes I feel bad but then I remember that I buy him a lot of clothes too, so it all evens out. I recently stole his Levi’s denim trucker jacket to get it customized and I have to say it was the best decision EVER!! Here are 3 ways I like to rock my new found favorite jacket to inspire you to do the same.



If you have been following me for awhile then you know that athleisure is my jam!!! I am a self proclaimed Nike addict and I will never stop rocking a fresh pair of kicks! This outfit is all Nike and all cozy! All other clothing NikeHERE  Sunnies BonLookHERE


90s TING


I love me some 90s vibe! Nothing says the 90s to me more then a dope pair of Dr Martens and a vintage plaid shirt. I recently got these Topshop boyfriend jeans and I have been rockin them on repeat!!! You can never go wrong with a grunged out canadian tuxedo! Jeans TopShopHERE  Croptop AritziaHERE  Hat ArtgangMTLHERE  Shoe Dr MartensHERE




I love the combo of knee high boots and an oversized denim jacket! I think this look is the perfect sexy yet casual combo. Boots Jessica SimpsonHERE  Dress SheInsideHERE



I am obsessed with custom anything!!!! It can elevate any clothing item and I am so hooked. I recently discovered the Levi’s Tailor shop in Toronto and I can’t believe I never knew they existed!!!!! Like whaaa????? At the customization station they can pretty much do anything you can dream of. Custom distressing, embroidery, patches, tailoring and more! They brought my vision to life way better then I could have ever imagined! Toronto has two Tailor shop locations – Square One and Sherway Gardens. No need to make an appointment because the tailors are always there but I would recommend calling ahead of time just to be safe. Needless to say I now have 5 more pieces in the works!!

Levi’s website – HERE

Levi’s DIY customization ideas – HERE

Sherway Gardens store – HERE  Square One store – HERE



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