Putting My Health First #Dixiedeals


If you have been following me on Instagram you know I have been on my health kick lately. I have been having a host of health problems the last few months and I finally had enough. I have changed up my diet, started working out more and I am focusing on my mental health. I visited my favorite outlet mall recently and picked up a few essentials for my recent journey – Peep all the Dixie Outlet Mall pick ups below!!

A New Pair Of Head Phones

The last couple years I have really leaned on meditation and taking the mindful moments to get my mind right. I am also losing headphones frequently, my tip for good affordable headphones is Winners!!! I scored these Maxell ones for 8 dollars.



A Cute Workout Outfit

I am happy to report I am feeling happier, healthier and more motivated since starting my major detox. I won’t lie I do miss my wine but working out frequently has me super focused and cute workout clothes don’t hurt. Whole outfit under 55!!! (Nike Clearance Store Sample Sweatshirt 25 bucks and Sports Bra 20 bucks and Urban Planet Bike Shorts $10)


Something To Keep Me Warm And Cozy

Who else is over this winter????? It has still been quite cold in Toronto and it honestly makes me sad. At least I stay warm and cozy in this Puffer and High Tops from the Nike Clearance Store from Dixie Outlet Mall “Puffer $80, originally $240” and “AFI High Tops $90, originally $200”


Visit the Dixie Outlet Mall website HERE

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